Monkey Brains 2019 Rose


100% Aglianico from The Riverland, SA

Pawpaw, Fuji Apple Skins and Dried Herbs

This wine should be called Francesca. Her parents are from Italy, but she grew up in Carlton. She speaks fluent Italian and loves to sneak a bottle of wine into the theater. She could be a model but she’s a surgeon. The girls want to be her and the guys want to date her. We will just drink her instead.

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Aglianico is the traditional red grape of Campania and Basilicata. These are some pretty unforgiving places, not unlike the Riverland. This wine is grown in the Riverland of South Australia. The only viable way to grow grapes in this part of the country is with irrigation. The more water we pull out of the river system the less there is at the end. Which is why wine maker Evan Milne focuses on varieties that use around 50% of the water of other grape varieties. Good people making good things and doing good deeds.

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