Alamos Torrontes 2019


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100% Torrontes from Salta, Mendoza, Argentina

Geranium Meyer Lemon White Peach

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Torrontes (“torr-ron-tez”) is the most widely planted white grape variety in Argentina. It is widely believed to be indigenous to the area. Torrontes is not one grape even, but actually three different varieties that share similar characteristics and are used interchangeably. Torrontes is loved for its incredibly aromatic nose and softness on the palate. This could easily be confused for ‘Granny Wine’ because of these loveable characteristics, however, the best expressions rival top quality aromatic wines from Germany and France for tiny fractions of the price. Torrontes is also used to create late harvest dessert wines and Ice wine where the grapes are allowed to freeze on the vines in order to concentrate flavours. Torrontes also exists in another form that many people may be familiar with; Pisco! The national drink of Chile. In any form, Torrontes is a delightful little drop.