Architects of Wine Rouge NV


Chardonnay + Cabernet + Riesling + Lambrusco from Adelaide Hills, SA

Nose: Black Currant and Tomato Leaf

Palate: Plum Skin and Tart Cherry Juice


Our Vini Misti continues to be hugely popular as a chilled down summer red. This release we have created its
winter counterpart Vino Rosso! Think an easy drinking, low alcohol but heavier version of Vini Misti and you’ll
get the idea. This is again a crazy blend of stuff in the winery… Chardonnay fermented on Lambrusco skins, add
some Clare Valley whole bunch Cabernet and top with Riesling & Lambrusco Rose. The Lambrusco shines
through strongly with it’s savoury, earthy dark berry fruit and tannins with a bit funk thrown in for good measure.
11.3% Alc/Vol | 399 Bottles Filled | 20PPM SO2 Addition at Bottling

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