Blind Corner Blanc


A delicious natural wine at an equally delicious price


“Let’s face it, white wines aren’t actually white, unless someone has put peroxide in it or something. This Blanc is a crisp straw colour, offering a romantic glow through it when held up to the sunshine or a dinner-time candle. 100% peroxide free. 110% Epic.

The blend is made with majority Sauvignon Blanc grapes plus a handful of Chenin Blanc. The result is a classic dry white, with enough sweetness to give your taste buds something to dance around. The fruit comes from our Quindalup vineyard and is simply made in a stainless steel tank for freshness.

Perfect as a weekday sip, it’s great to relax into after a hard day’s work, or even enjoy directly from the bottle in the shower (if that’s your deal)” – Blind Corner

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