ECK Wines ‘Home Blend’ Heathcote/Macedon, VIC NV


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Pinot Noir(Macedon) + Shiraz(Heathcote) + Mourvedre Rose(Heathcote)

Aroma: Ribena + Menthol | Palate: Black Plum Jam + Black Tea

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Armstead wines in Heathcote was established in 2003 but more recently acquired by Tom and Emily Kinsman, who are bringing freshness to the brand, with a playful focus on ‘Place, People and Play’. They aim for precise and authentic wines, following the principles of minimal intervention. Their wines are handcrafted, fruit driven and elegant, exhibiting full flavours and Cambrian soil characteristics, which are unique to the Heathcote terroir. Alongside their winery in Heathcote they have started a new chapter with ECK wines, through which they wish to produce wines which are reflective not only of the fruit but of the wine making and wine makers behind them. Whilst their focus is on classical grape varietals. they do so in a lo-fi and modern manner. This hECK home blend is a very limited run and is produced from 3 different varietals from 3 different vineyards, 2019 Pinot Noir from the Macedon Ranges blended with 2017 Shiraz and 2017 Mouvedre Rose from their Armstead vines. There is a strong emphasis on the home and enjoying wine with family and friends, an easy drinking wine which is surrounded by love and warmth. It’s a pretty and elegant wine which is reflected in its branding, with its gold embossed label and pink wax seal. It has a gentle complexity, with layers of fairy floss, cherry and sweet spice on the nose and a palate which is delicate and delicious.

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