Golding Wines Gamay 2019


100% Gamay from Adelaide Hills, SA

Candied Violets, Strawberry Yoghurt, Pomegranate Seed


Golding were one of the worst effected wineries in the Adelaide hills region. Some vineyards, although charred and blackened were able to be saved, with greenery already visibly creeping through the ashes. Unfortunately, some vines were lost beyond hope. The Gamay grown at the Lenswood estate were one of the less fortunate. Golding has been growing their Gamay for 5 years and producing vintages for 3. Every year getting closer and closer to the beautifully balanced red you have in front of you. After years of nurturing the vines and perfecting the wine making processes, their whole Gamay vineyard was destroyed, meaning that to produce another wine like this, they will have to replant. This single vineyard Gamay is vibrant in hue and exuberant in youthful personality, this wine delivers juicy red berry fruits on the nose with subtle spice and fine tannins on the palate. As this is the last of the 2019 vintage, savour every sip as it may be your last chance.

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