Kendall ‘Jackson Vintner’s’ Reserve Chardonnay 2018


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100% Chardonnay from California, USA

Tahitian Vanilla, Charred Pineapple, Warm Cedar

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North American wine doesn’t tend to have a big presence in Australia. Similar growing conditions and wine making styles make it generally cost prohibitive to import and sell them in Australia. This is not to say that they aren’t worth drinking. California Chardonnay does have a style and flair all it’s own. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood comes across in the rich, buttery,  gold styles that they are known for. Falling a similar fate to NZ Savvy B, Cali Chardy has gotten a bit of a bad rep. Over-production and low quality wines have taken over the market, but there are a few examples of big bold Chardy. Kendall-Jackson is one of those producers. They are the biggest selling chardonnay in the states in terms of dollar amounts, but they still keep the quality appropriate. Pineapple and vanilla with a touch of spiced cream.