Konpira Maru ‘Disco Pocket’ Riesling+Vermentino 2020


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Riesling + Vermentino from the Grampians, VIC

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‘Minimal intervention and maximum care’ is the philosophy at Konpira Maru. An idea born from two mates, Al
and Sam, whilst having a beer at the local pub. They produced their first vintage in 2014, resulting in just 600
bottles, sourcing their fruit from several vineyards in VIC and QLD. Their goal, to create wines which they wanted
to drink whilst injecting a little fun into an industry often accused of taking itself too seriously, wines that were
full of character, with a focus on affordability and a high-drinkability factor. Their bottles (and the juice within)
have developed a cult following amongst Natty wine fans, with their use of alternative grapes and interesting
practices (not to mention the eye catching artwork and memorable names). This new vintage blend of Riesling
and Vermentino aka ‘Disco Pocket’ follows suit; skinsy, unfined and unfiltered with a tale to tell.

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