Little Brunswick Wine Co – Tidy Town Moscato Giallo – Heathcote, VIC


Aroma: Orange Blossom Water + Marmalade | Palate: English Breakfast Tea + Orangina

100% Moscato Giallo fermented on skins from Heathcote, VIC


“We make wine and try to not be dickheads” is how Little Brunswick wine co describe their ethos. Winemakers Alex and Rob’s passion lies in the history of wine making, community-minded winemaking and sustainable viticulture. It started as a project in the tiny five-foot cellar underneath Alex’s house. They work with growers with the same ideologies, revitalising the grape varieties that are less fashionable or alternative, showcasing the unique aspects of some of the world’s oldest, and most distinct soils. This is where their relationship with Chalmers begins, the grapes for Tidy Town come from Chalmers Heathcote vineyard. They want to show other winemakers that the grape is delicious and has demand so the farmers and viticulturists will continue to be able to explore and grow these interesting varietals. The grapes are crushed and destemmed before being fermented on skins for 3 months. Resulting in a wine which looks like tropical fruit juice and taste like it too.

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