Nals Margreid ‘Pfeffersburger’ Edelvernatsch


Aroma: Blueberry Yoghurt + Bubblegum | Palate: Tamarillo + Red Currant

100% Schiava (Edelvernatsch/Trollinger) from Suditirol- Alto Adige, Italy


Nals Margreid has many centuries of wine culture are associated with this name. The tradition began in 1764, when the Campi winery was built on the site of today’s winery. The Nals winery was founded in 1932, and in 1985 it merged with Margreid-Entiklar to form the Nals Margreid winery. North and South meet with pride and conviction, the Alps and the Dolomites shape the landscape, where viticulture has been a part of culture for thousands of years. Schiava grows primarily in the Alto Adige region of Italy and in Germany in the Würtemberg region. Quite a bit of Schiava is made in Germany labeled as Trollinger. The Schiava grape is a very ancient grape with several different varieties. For example, Schiava Grosso is considered the workers Schiava grape and Schiava Gentile is considered the fine wine grape. This particular wine is labelled Edelvernatsch, meaning “noble local”, this is a wine made with one of Schiava’s finest varieties Schiava Gentile.

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