Nomads Garden – Fiano – King Valley – 2021


Aroma: Lychee + Yellow Peach | Palate: Starfruit + Golden Kiwi

100% Fiano from King Valley, VIC


Nomads Garden was born out of the pristine landscape and viticultural diversity of their home in the Alpine mountains of Victoria. All their wines are single vineyard, experimental and handmade with low intervention in the winery. They only use the naturally occurring wild yeast indigenous to the vineyard of origin, which gives a sense of place to all their wines. They don’t add to their wines and use minimal natural fining agents. These are wines that naturally reflect the year the grapes were grown and the land they came from. They do not intentionally label their wines as ‘Natural Wines’ although the ethos in which they are made is very similar, they feel the term Low Intervention is a far better description of what they are doing with Nomads Garden. This Fiano is from a single vineyard in the King Valley, the grapes were harvested by hand, before being fermented with wild yeast on lees. The juice spent some time aging in barrels, prior to release.

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