O’Leary Walker Polish Hill Riesling


Aroma: White Flowers + Candied Pear | Palate: Granny Smith + Musk

100% Riesling from Clare Valley, SA


Riesling is grown in various conditions worldwide (resulting in many different expressions of the grape), it prefers a cool environment for producing elegant examples. In Australia, the Clare and Eden Valleys are famous for Riesling. According to James Halliday, the Clare Valley is “the monarch of Australia’s Riesling regions”. The Clare Valley wine region is one of Australia‘s oldest wine regions, the climate is moderately continental, with cool/cold nights and warm/hot summer days. The higher altitude, compared to other wine regions in SA, ensures cool nights even during summer allowing the fruit to ripen more evenly. Its most celebrated Rieslings are dry, with fresh citrus and apple characteristics and an incredible depth of flavour balancing natural acidity. O’Leary Walker Wines have been creating small batch, hand-crafted wines from Clare Valley vines for decades. This Watervale Riesling is a fine example, with it’s electric acid line and quintessential citrus flavours. Fruit is harvested by hand, de-stemmed and crushed then gently pressed.

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