Small Fry ‘Tangerine Dream’ Amber Field Blend


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Semillon 46% Pedro Ximenes 41% Riesling 10.5% Roussane 2% Muscat 0.5% from Barossa Valley, SA

Aroma: Dried Apricot + Orange Blossom | Palate: Mandarin + Ginger

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Orange wine, a widely trending yet miss-understood wine. It is not ‘made from oranges’ as the populus may assume and rightly so given it’s colour and citrus zesty notes. Instead it is the technique of adding colour, texture and complexity using the skins of the grape. To make it, winemakers take ‘white’ grapes, mash them up and leave them fermenting on the skins and seeds, not unlike the production of rose and red wine. The process is ancient, but has seen a massive revival in recent years alongside the growth of the natural wine market as these wines tend to require minimal intervention. By using different grape varietals, skin contact wine can take on different hues from pale straw, the infamous ‘orange’ to the familiar rose shades. The skins add light chewy tannin and oxidative tendencies to the wine which are synonymous with the natty barn yard style wines that are growing in popularity amongst the next gen of wine makers. This skinsy wine from Smallfry in the Barossa says it all in the name ‘Tangerine Dream’, a blend of Semillon 46%, Pedro Ximenes 41%, Riesling 10.5%, Roussane 2%, and Muscat 0.5%, it has a hue of cloudy golden orange with notes of citrus peel and spice with a multi layered palate of grainy tannin. it bridges the gap between a red wine, a full oaked chardonnay and ultra funky skin contact. Making it the perfect wine for natty novices all the way to contact connoisseur’s.

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