Tomfoolery ‘Youngblood’ – Shiraz, Barossa Valley, SA – 2020


Aroma: Licorice + Blackberry Brandy | Palate: Black Cherry + Nutmeg

100% Shiraz from the Barossa Valley, SA


The Barossa Valley region is located north-east of the city of Adelaide. The region has a Meditarranean climate ideal for full-bodied red wines, excellent fortified wines and generally robust white wines, with warm grape-growing areas on the valley floor and cooler meso-climates at higher altitudes in the surrounding hills. The region has a large daily temperature range, high maximum temperatures, high sunshine days and is generally dry with little rain fall. Shiraz from Barossa Valley tends to deliver some of the most powerful, flavourful wines not just in Australia, but world-wide. The dark fruit flavours are big, powerful and ripe. Tannins, whilst grippy, tend to be fine-grained and powdery. Alcohol levels are naturally quite high, due to the Aussie sunshine. Tomfoolery ‘Young Blood’ pays homage to this style, whilst delivering a wine that suits the needs and style of the ‘Young Bloods’. Created to drink now rather than cellar for years, this young Barossa Shiraz is the quickly becoming the go to style of Barossa winemakers.

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