Vanden Estates ‘Dutchman’s’ Durif


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100% Durif from the Barossa Valley, SA

Berry Cobbler, Spiced Plum Jam and Charred Cedar

“This wine is named after my father and uncle, who emigrated from Holland to Australia in the 1950s. These two adventurous brothers made a new successful life in Australia, married their wives and each had five children of their own. These low cropping Durif grapes were grown in the Barossa Valley wine region of South Australia, an ideal climate for Durif. It has strong flavours of dark chocolate and black pepper, and is suitable for meals with both red and white meat.”

– Richard Byllaardt, Viticulturist

Out of stock


Durif has made a name for itself in Australia as some of the biggest and most notable heroes. Not unlike Ned Kelly, the Hemsworth brothers, Russell Crowe or Paul Hogan, this wine is smooth, rugged and gorgeous…maybe a bit rich and boozy as well. The winemaker tames all of these traits into a very exciting and marketable package. The labels are playful and themed on his family. 

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