Make A Booking

Please read carefully

All bookings 10 people and over, need to get in touch to discuss the booking. We have several options for menus, casual snacks and formal meals (see functions tab for further information). We are very flexible with large groups.

Bookings made on Friday & Saturday Night between 6.30 – 7.30m, will be required to agree to a $50pp minimum spend.  There are no requirement for set menus, or minimum spends at any other times.

Any further information you can give us on your booking is very helpful e.g number of children, allergies, drinks only, special occasion.

When making a booking your CC will NOT (please see NOT) be charged. It is a security holding only.

Please be respectful and let us know (over email preferably) of any changes to guest numbers or times.  Please give us notice if cancelling a booking to give us the opportunity to offer the table to another guest.

Look forward to welcoming you to Northside Wines soon !! 🙂 🙂