Between Five Bells 2019 Pinot Wine


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94% Pinot Noir 4% Pinot Meunier 3% Pinot Gris from Lethbridge, VIC

Aroma: Fresh Berries + Baking Spice | Palate: Dried Strawberry + Cranberry



Out of stock


Pinot, undoubtedly one of the best loved grapes of the Australian wine market. Whether it be a light and savoury Pinot Noir or a chilled glass of zesty Pinot Gris; Pinot is known to be a deliciously safe option, which is able to be enjoyed all year around. Bearing this in mind, what could be better than a wine containing 3 very different Pinot varietals? This blend may not have a connection to any of the noble wine regions, but if there was ever a blend which represented Aussie drinking habits, it would be this. Predominantly whole bunch Pinot Noir, the most famous of the 3, light in body with its red fruit and savoury characters on the palate and floral yet spiced aromas. Small amounts of Pinot Meunier (4%) & Pinot Gris (3%) are introduced at fermentation. Pinot Meunier is mostly seen as one third of the blend in Champagne & rarely a single varietal wine. As a red grape, it’s not dissimilar to Pinot Noir, however it’s boasts a more fruit forward and zesty palate compared to the earthy ‘PN’. Last but not least is Pinot Gris/Grigio, a pinkish grape mutation of Pinot Noir. With it’s bright palate of citrus, stone fruit and minerality, it adds a freshness to the wine. Once placed in the tank, Carbonic Maseration takes place to create a a beautiful silky mouth feel while maintaining vibrant fruity aromas.

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