Delatite Gewurztraminer 2018


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100% Gewurztraminer from Deadman’s Hill Vineyard, Mansfield, VIC

Rosewater, Lychee and Lime Juice

This wine is a bit of a character. Imagine a woman of a certain age, dressed in a chartreuse colored pant suit, a feather boa, a few too many gold bangles and streaks of purple in her hair. She’s at some fabulous restaurant or a theater, with a crowd of adoring fans listening to her every word. She’s wears her sunglasses at night, drinks all day and always looks like a million bucks. She is the human embodiment of this wine. Let’s face it, we all want to be her or at least drink like her.

Out of stock


Delatite is famous for their Gewurztraminer (Guh-vurtz-truh-min-her) but they can have a bit of fun too. Gewurztraminer is only widely grown in Alsace, France and a few places in Germany. In these places it is often left slightly sweet or off dry to balance the intense aroma of the grape. Gewurz means ‘spice’ in German and this wine displays the classic nose of Gewurztraminer, but without any of the sugar of its Euro counterparts. Delatite is known worldwide for this wine and it is one of the best examples of dry Gewurztraminer that exists in the world today.

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