Delinquente ‘Roko Il Vagabondo’ Montepulciano


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Montepulciano from Riverland, SA

Blackberry, Blueberry, Leather and Spice

I hope you already ordered your Salami, Blue Cheese and Truffle Honey Pizza from us…..if not….chuck it on with this bad boy. It was LITERALLY made for Pizza. Not too bad with a bit of Spag Bol either.


Out of stock


“The idea with this wine is to make an uncomplicated red wine that provides flavour, energy and drinkability, something that Montepulciano brings to the party in spades. Its thick skin provides a lovely, dark purple colour, and while the nose gives a feeling of power and intensity, the palate opens with a lovely, puckering fruit character, like a basket of freshly picked, mixed berries. The finish brings that tannin and those grippy, savoury elements back into play, while the acid keeps the freshness and length going. Pasta, pizza, BBQ, Salt and Vinegar Pringles – whatever, it’s a wine for all seasons.”

This man is a Legend and so is his wine.

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