Hahndorf Hill 2018 ‘Zsa Zsa’ Zweigelt


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100% Zweigelt from the Adelaide Hills, SA

Tart Cherry, Cardamom and Cassis

“Love should be an inspiration, not an obligation” – Zsa Zsa Gabor.

She truly invokes quite an image. If you are going to name a wine after one of the most glamorous women to walk the earth…..it better be damn good…..and it better be dressed to the nines. The second you see the bottle, you’re intrigued. The deep crimson wine is visible in the clear bottle, dripping in gold a la Miss Gabor. Don’t worry, the wine is absolutely as glamorous as it looks. They say beauty is only skin deep, we disagree, it only gets deeper with more wine.

Out of stock


Zweigelt is the most popular red in Austria. Some might liken it to their version of goon, but instead of a bag it’s in a fancy plastic liter bottle because they’re classy. This wine is too good to go into plastic. Our mates at Hahndorf Hill are a couple of South African boys making Austrian wine in South Australia. They simply MAKE AUSTRIAN WINE…….GREAT……..AGAIN

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