Hochkirch Syrah 2019


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100% Syrah from Henty, VIC

Pink Peppercorn-Eucalyptus-Black Plum Jam

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Hochkirch is one of our favorite producers. Everything they make they do with old school class and a new world approach. Their syrah is the epitome of that.  The legacy of ‘Shiraz’ or Syrah in Australia is well known. Let’s address the name game first. The grape is called Syrah most places in the world, but as we know, Aussies love a nickname. The use of Syrah in Australia is generally a stylistic choice. It signifies that the winemaker was going for a prettier, nuanced and more ‘feminine’ style of wine than the typical big, bold, bulky Barossa style Shiraz. Proper pronouns aside, Syrah classes the blend up. It is the absolute Beyonce of the blend. It can easily star on its own, and often does, but give it a cameo in a show…and baby boy, it’ll make you lose your breath. Syrah may run the world, but that isn’t their only Destiny, Child. 

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