iSH Pinot Beurot 2019


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100% Pinot Gris from King Valley, VIC

Aroma: Vanilla Milkshake + Poached Pear | Palate: Custard Apple + Piña Colada  

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Before there were glass bottles, most wines were stored and sold in wooden barrels. Nowadays the necessity for these barriques have long been replaced with stainless still fermenting tanks, glass bottles and even goon bags. However, the flavours that oak disseminates on wine have become an intrinsic feature of wine making. When considering the use of oak in your wine, there are a few key factors to keep in mind including; the age of the oak (new or used) and the varietal (American or European). Oak bestows several characteristics on to the wine it holds, it adds flavour, allows slow impression of oxygen and provides a suitable environment for Malolactic fermentation, which makes wine taste creamier. When aged in new oak for a period of time, wine will inherit expressions of toasted almonds, dried fruit and vanilla to name but a few, as well as a hue of liquid gold. Although most commonly associated with the impressionable Chardonnay grape, this Pinot Beurot (otherwise known as Pinot Gris) was pressed directly to oak for a wild fermentation in a combination of new and older very tight grained French oak resulting in a delicate and creamy wine, with a smooth mouth feel, like melted butter on toast.

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