Like so many of the best Aussie wineries, Jeanneret began not as a professional operation with its eyes on big money, but as a passion project; a way of making exactly the kind of wines that Ben Jeanneret and his mates most wanted to drink. Their two vineyards located in the Armagh Valley of north-western Clare, are run with an organic philosophy to maintain the integrity of the vines. Clare Valley Riesling is among the world’s best, famed for its purity, rich lime flavours and ability to age for decades. This 2019 expression has come from a very small harvest of intensely flavoured grapes with a wonderful depth of fruit, a beautiful nose of limes, lemons, lychees, blackcurrant, blackcurrant leaf and sweet apple balanced by its 221 days spent on lees. This is a Riesling of remarkable depth and richness, its balance of fruit and acid with subtle complexity, quality grapes and patient wine making, not often seen in a wine from this region, at this price point.