Jim Barry 2020/21 Assyrtiko


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100% Assyrtiko from Lodge Hill Vineyard, Clare Valley, SA

Meyer Lemon, Lime Peel and Seaspray

Peter Barry and his wife were the first people to bring Assyrtiko to Australia after a romantic getaway to the Greek Isles. Thank bloody god they did. Strikingly similar to Clare Valley Riesling but with a bit of Greek muscle.


Out of stock


I have never been to Santorini but I imagine this to be the kind of wine i’d like to drink there. Sitting at a white clothed table piled with seafood and fresh salads overlooking the Aegean sea. Across from a glistening bronzed local spinning yarns of the island. The reality is we might be smashing it alongside our 3am takeout kebab or Mum’s Spanikopita, but were not here to judge, were here to make dreams come true.


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