Le Juice Gamay 2019


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100% Gamay from Appellation Fleurie, Beaujolais FR

Aroma: Allen’s Strawberry & Cream + Chambord | Palate: Pink Peppercorn + Pommegranate

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Carbonic Maceration is much less complicated (and scary) than it sounds. As touched upon previously in our exploration of whole bunch fermentation, it is the method of fermenting grapes in their natural form. However, this technique explores it a little further, as the winemaker skips stemming and crushing, instead putting full bunches into steel fermentation tanks that are sealed and filled with CO2, creating an anaerobic atmosphere without any oxygen. This lack of O2 forces the fermentation to begin inside the individual grapes, which eventually end up crushing themselves under the weight of the alcohol they are producing. The result is a juicy fruit-forward wine with bubblegum aromas, bright acidity and low tannins, meant for drinking young and fresh. The controlled technique was invented in the Beaujolais region of France, where the light/medium varietal Gamay rules. This particular expression hails from the Fleurie region in Beaujolais and is a collaboration between Das Juice and winemaker Guillaume Chanudet. The wine is carbonic macerated for 10 days as whole bunches in concrete followed by 6 months spent in tank creating an non-serious, fruity, poppy, and downright luscious red, with is perfect enjoyed room temp or chilled.

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