Pewsey Vale ‘The Contours’ 2013 Riesling


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100% Riesling from the Pewsey Vale Vineyard, Eden Valley, SA

Golden Apple Cider and Lime Zest inside a Freshly opened can of Tennis Balls.

I know, its weird. Why does my wine smell like a can of tennis balls or petrol? These are smells that indicate a properly aged Riesling. If there was ever a wine to #treatyoself……this is that wine. If you don’t like it, call us, and we’ll drink it for you.

Out of stock


Riesling is one of the few white wines that has the ability to blossom with age. It requires a backbone of acid and an intensity of flavour that is hard produce, and Pewsey Vale has this quality of fruit in spades. Luisa Rose is one of the preeminent wine makers in Australia and this is a labor of love for her. This Riesling comes from the coolest part of the vineyard which ripens slowly to intensify flavors and aromatics. The vines are from 1965 so they’ve been producing incredible grapes for a long time and show now signs of stopping that. This wine is aged a minimum of 5 years before its released so it is a very special wine indeed.

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