Soumah 2019 Savarro


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100% Savagnin from the Hexham Vineyard, Yarra Valley, VIC

White Flowers, Pommelo and Lemon Balm

Savagnin is such a versatile little grape. Papa Soumah let’s this one be an individual. He’s the star of his own show in the living room. He’s young and fresh, vibrant and full of energy. Although a bit weird, that is what makes him unique.

Out of stock


Savarro or the artist formerly known as Savagnin is the biological parent of many of the wine grapes we see today. Also called Traminer in central Europe. Made in many different styles including the most funky and oxidized style in Jura, France. Soumah let’s their Savarro be a bit funky without falling off the rails. Think Savvy B with a little personality.

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