Viognier, a rich oily white varietal originating from the Rhone Valley just oozes decadence. Like Chardonnay, it has the potential to produce full-bodied wines with a lush, soft character and this textural ‘Single Vineyard’ expression from Soumah is a fantastic example of what careful wine making can produce. A naturally low-yielding variety, it can be a less economically viable planting for some vineyards and the potential quality of is also highly dependent on viticultural practices and climate. In this case the fruit was hand-picked, whole-bunchpressed and fermented in barrel. The grapes had to be picked just right, too late and it would have no structure, but picked too early; and the grapes would fail to develop their full extent of its aromas and tastes. As it ripens very fast; they have less than a 24 hour window to get it just right. It’s this hands on approach alongside the rich but tame wine it produces, that makes this Viognier a stand out in it’s price bracket.