Sydney Wilcox Vine-Dried Shiraz 2018


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100% Shiraz from Byrne Vineyard, Riverland, SA

Aroma: New Leather + Boozy Fruit Cake | Palate: Stewed Black Plum + Cacoa

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For anyone who has ever eaten a raisin, the concept of a vine dried wine should be pretty easy to conjure. As a grape is dehydrated, it’s sugar and flavour characteristics are intensified as water departs. The method of drying grapes has been used for years in many different styles of wine. The most well known methods being Appassimento, the drying of harvested grapes on straw racks, for use in the famous Italian wine Amerone and Cane Cut, which is a traditional wine making method where the canes on the vine are cut at optimal ripeness and the fruit is left to dry on the cane, most commenly seen in desert wine. This Sidney Wilcox vine dried Shiraz is produced by Byrne Vineyards in the staunch dry heat of the Riverland in South Australia. It sees the grapes dried on the vines of the estate, the fruit is carefully monitored to maintain balance of acid, flavour and phenolic development. As the berry dehydrates and skins bag, the intensity and richness build, creating a complex wine which is balanced with the use of Aged French oak to support the fruit and tannin structure.

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