Tournon 2015 ‘Mathilda’ Viognier/Marsanne


85% Viognier 15% Marsanne from Central Victoria

D’Anjou Pear, Peach Tart and Cream

Viognier and Marsanne are often blended with Roussanne in the Southern Rhone Valley in France. Three’s a crowd in this perfectly balanced blend of liquid gold. Drink this baby in the bathtub with sunglasses, 1,000 candles and no regrets. Liquid version of ‘Gold’ by Chet Faker.

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When you want to comfort binge, you don’t grab the celery sticks. Let’s be real. You want something luscious and decadent. Look no further. This Aussie-fied blend of Southern Rhone varieties is here to GIVE. YOU. EEEEEVVVERRRRYYY THAAANNNNGG, HONEY!