Tournon 2015 ‘Mathilda’ Viognier/Marsanne


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85% Viognier 15% Marsanne from Central Victoria

D’Anjou Pear, Peach Tart and Cream

Viognier and Marsanne are often blended with Roussanne in the Southern Rhone Valley in France. Three’s a crowd in this perfectly balanced blend of liquid gold. Drink this baby in the bathtub with sunglasses, 1,000 candles and no regrets. Liquid version of ‘Gold’ by Chet Faker.

Out of stock


When you want to comfort binge, you don’t grab the celery sticks. Let’s be real. You want something luscious and decadent. Look no further. This Aussie-fied blend of Southern Rhone varieties is here to GIVE. YOU. EEEEEVVVERRRRYYY THAAANNNNGG, HONEY!

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