Trofeo Estate Amphora Pinot Noir


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100% Pinot Noir from Dromana, VIC- 2019

Aroma: Shitake Mushroom + Wet Stone | Palate: Cranberry + Red Plum Skin

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Amphora, the magical egg of yester-year, has seen a recent resurgence. The ancient method of fermenting and aging wine in a buried clay vessel can be dated back 8000yrs ago to Georgia. A technique which predates the wooden barrel for the keeping and transporting of wine, was also used throughout the Greek and Roman eras. The new wave of amphorae may look a little different to its ancestors, but it still bares the same smooth, rounded shape which creates a natural vortex for the wine. This vortex causes lees to remain in suspension throughout fermentation, thus helping to build texture and flavour and reduce acidity. In modern wine making the amphora can be made from many semi-porous materials such as concrete, ceramic, terracotta, and permeable plastic. They sit somewhere between breathable oak and stainless steel, allowing winemakers to let their wine naturally breathe whilst avoiding the toasted flavours associated with oak aging. Trofeo Estate are considered the largest producer of terracotta amphora wine in the southern hemisphere. As with clay, the process of terracotta ageing does not impart any flavour influence on the wine, resulting in wines that are natural, elegant and soft. This cold climate Pinot Noir has seen 100% terracota creating a gentle, savoury wine with flavours of cherry and strawberry on the palate followed by a hint of spice.

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