Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – cook at home family pack


The perfect pack for families or friends (or just extra hungry couples), when you cant be bothered braving the supermarket.

choose a drink to accompany your meal


Pack includes: 

1 x Frozen garlic cobb loaf

2 x Half chickens marinated in a mirepoix marinade

Roasted seasonal veggies

Sauce Espagnole

6 pack of beer (Urban Alley APA or Dark Ale) OR bottle of wine (red/white/sparkling)


This meal comes cold/frozen and will require heating following the guidelines:


Cobb loaf – Microwave until defrosted (2 mins), then into oven until slightly brown on top

Chicken – defrost in microwave for 7 minutes.  Then into oven (180 degrees) for 15 mins

Veggies – into oven (180 degrees) for 15 min until hot

Sauce Espagnole – heat gently on stove until warm, add more water if necessary